The Boutique Auto e-commerce site was created to bring high quality products to the customer that were previously reserved for specific professional groups. One example among many: the specific and professional products for car polishing that were previously unavailable on the market for non-specialists; now with just a few clicks they are finally available to everyone.

Thanks to a thorough and continuous research of the latest generation products, Boutique Auto has been able to fill this gap in order to be able to provide the non-professional user with the best products thanks to which to obtain professional results, and to have access to unique products.


PRODUCTS Wide range of high quality products that is constantly renewed and improved.

CUSTOMERCARE Maximum availability by email or telephone for information and help pre-order, and for information on the application or for problems during shipment after purchase.

SECURE SHIPPING AND GUARANTEE Guarantee of security and short delivery times: all orders are processed within 24 hours, with delivery in Italy in 1-2 days and in the rest of Europe in a maximum of one week.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Maximum attention to the needs of the customer and to what he has to say about our products, in order to always improve our service and the products themselves. To do this we always ask our customers after a purchase for feedback on the experience received.

The goal is to make the presence of the BOUTIQUE AUTO brand grow at a national and European level, thanks to the contribution of our customers.

For this purpose we also take care of the "social" aspect of BOUTIQUE AUTO, which is becoming more and more known on its Facebook and Instagram page where we invite all customers to share the polishing works and other that BOUTIQUE AUTO has contributed to create (hashtag #boutiqueautostore).